Cost of Living, 2008 Q4

The 2008 Q4 Cost of Living Index (COLI) numbers were in my inbox when I got to work this morning.

The highlights:

Lexington has inched up ever so slightly compared to the rest of the nation, with its total index score at 95.0, compared with 94.9 in Q3. To those unfamiliar with the COLI, it ranks cities against each other using an index of 100 as the average. So Lexington, at 95.0, is below the national average in terms of the cost of living.

All of the KY cities that participated in Q4 were below the national average.

Of the five cities that participate (Lexington, Louisville, Covington, Bowling Green and Paducah), only Bowling Green improved on their score (had a lower score) compared to Q3.

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