Kentucky Proud Encourages Local Products

KYProudHopefully, this logo is familiar to you. Ever wondered how products qualify to be Kentucky Proud?

According to the Kentucky Proud Logo Guidelines, products can qualify for the Kentucky Proud program if the major ingredients are grown or processed in Kentucky and if the major ingredients were produced on a farm, production facility, or corporate headquarters located in Kentucky. In addition, all facilities must meet or exceed federal and state regulations.

Kentucky Proud program applicants can apply online or download a PDF of the application. A description of the product and the location in Kentucky where it is grown, processed, or packaged must be provided, with labels, samples, appropriate licenses, health certifications, and/or inspection records submitted in some cases.

The Kentucky Proud program is an easy way to identify products made in Kentucky and to encourage consumers to choose locally grown and locally crafted items. Purchasing Kentucky Proud products helps Kentucky farmers, keeps Kentucky dollars in Kentucky, ensures that food is fresh and nutritious, and reduces how far food and products must travel. Below are only a few examples of Kentucky Proud products:

  • Animals — beef and dairy cattle, eggs, fish and seafood, honey and bees, meat and dairy goats, pigs, poultry, rabbit, sheep
  • Plants — Christmas trees, cut flowers, fruits, hay, herbs, spices, mushrooms, hops, vegetables
  • Grocery items — baked good, beverages, sauces, spirits, wine
  • Other products — crafts, farm equipment, fuel, merchandise, timber, wood products

Kentucky Proud Members receive benefits and access to services such as horticulture marketing grants, promotional grants, free meat grading by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, funding assistance to enter trade shows, assistance exporting internationally, winery marketing and distribution reimbursement, logo materials at-cost, marketing assistance, and other benefits.

The Kentucky Proud program is administered by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and use of the Kentucky Proud logo is regulated by KRS 260.017. Only licensed Kentucky Proud participants may use the logo, and the law allows that violators be fined up to $100 per violation per day.


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