Mid-2017 Unemployment Rates

June unemployment rates were recently released and Lexington continues to maintain a healthy economy with low unemployment.

According to data from the Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program and the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics, Lexington’s unemployment rate was 4.4% in June 2017, an increase over the same time last year when the unemployment rate was 3.8% in June 2016. Over the past year, Lexington’s unemployment rate has increased, but was generally between three and four percent. Kentucky’s unemployment rate has hovered around a steady 5.0%, with a low of 4.8% in December 2016 and a high of 5.1% in April and June 2017.

The Bluegrass Region’s unemployment rate closely follows Lexington’s unemployment rate, primarily because Lexington’s workforce makes up 51% of the Bluegrass Region’s workforce.

The unemployment rate was lowest in May for each county of the Bluegrass. Lexington’s unemployment rate was consistently the second lowest, behind Woodford County.


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