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New Ranking: 2010 Best-Performing Cities – 8th Biggest Gainer

The Milken Institute released their 2010 Best-Performing Cities last week and Lexington made a huge jump! Coming in at #100 overall, Lexington made the Biggest Gainers list by leapfrogging 61 spots from #161 last year.

The Milken Institute noted the following:

There are several commonalities among the biggest gainers on the 2010 Best-Performing Cities index. The most ignificant theme was a heavily service-based economy with little durable goods production. This is because the service sector tends to be less sensitive to business cycles. Conversely, metros with a heavier reliance on durable goods manufacturing, which took a dramatic hit during the recession, witnessed the largest declines in output and mployment. Among the biggest gainers, a majority also didn

New Rankings: Percent of Population with Bachelor’s/Advanced Degrees

The US Census Bureau released its 2009 yearly estimates last week and it is no surprise that Lexington remained an Educational Attainment powerhouse. Among people over 25 years old, 40.2% have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Lexington! Even more impressive, 16.6% of Lexington’s population over age 25 has an advanced degree (masters, doctorate, or professional)!

If you are wondering how this compares to the rest of the country, the answer is very well! 40.2% with at least a Bachelor’s degree is good for #13 among cities over 250,000 people. 16.6% with at least an advanced degree comes in at an even more impressive #7.

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New Ranking: 100 Best Communities for Young People

This is the third time this honor has been bestowed on Lexington. America’s Promise notes:

Lexington/Fayette County provides local youth with opportunities for non-school hour programming and places to play and learn to increase social and teambuilding skills and ensure success in high school and beyond. A three-time 100 Best winner, Lexington continues to strive to be a better place for its youth by keeping them engaged in school and preventing them from dropping out.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

New Ranking: #3 Best Place to Retire released their Top 25 Places to Retire today. Sure enough, Lexington came in at #3! said:

Downtown Lexington boasts plenty of entertainment options for retirees, including the circa-1922 Kentucky Theatre — which shows independent and classic films — the Lexington Farmers Market, dozens of restaurants, and the Rupp Arena, home to the university’s storied basketball program. Plus, for the equestrian minded, the city isn’t far from Kentucky’s famed horse country and is just 90 minutes from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. In addition to a deep-seated horse and bourbon tradition, the city also has strong roots in life-long learning. In 1964, before retirees became regular fixtures on college campuses, the University of Kentucky invited them to take up empty seats in classrooms. Today, the school continues the tradition, offering locals 65 and up free access to university classes that have open space.

Congratulations to Lexington on making another national impact!

New Ranking: Editors’ Location Pick

Lexington was recently voted as an Editors’ Location Pick by Business Facilities Magazine! Business Facilities is a trade magazine dedicated to economic development and Lexington was chosen from 250 metro areas in 2010 to be one of seven Editors’ Location Picks for the superb job Lexington has done in attracting new businesses and helping existing businesses to expand.

The editors note:

When we think of Lexington, KY, we usually conjure up fond memories of an idyllic location in the heart of the Bluegrass State. We picture majestic thoroughbreds serenely stepping their way through lush blue-green pastures, memories accompanied by a few sips of the world