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New Rankings: Percent of Population with Bachelor’s/Advanced Degrees

The US Census Bureau released its 2009 yearly estimates last week and it is no surprise that Lexington remained an Educational Attainment powerhouse. Among people over 25 years old, 40.2% have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Lexington! Even more impressive, 16.6% of Lexington’s population over age 25 has an advanced degree (masters, doctorate, or professional)!

If you are wondering how this compares to the rest of the country, the answer is very well! 40.2% with at least a Bachelor’s degree is good for #13 among cities over 250,000 people. 16.6% with at least an advanced degree comes in at an even more impressive #7.

For a list of all the great rankings that we’ve been given, visit http://bgrankings.locateinlexington.com.

New Ranking: #3 Best Place to Retire

CNNMoney.com released their Top 25 Places to Retire today. Sure enough, Lexington came in at #3!

CNNMoney.com said:

Downtown Lexington boasts plenty of entertainment options for retirees, including the circa-1922 Kentucky Theatre — which shows independent and classic films — the Lexington Farmers Market, dozens of restaurants, and the Rupp Arena, home to the university’s storied basketball program. Plus, for the equestrian minded, the city isn’t far from Kentucky’s famed horse country and is just 90 minutes from Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. In addition to a deep-seated horse and bourbon tradition, the city also has strong roots in life-long learning. In 1964, before retirees became regular fixtures on college campuses, the University of Kentucky invited them to take up empty seats in classrooms. Today, the school continues the tradition, offering locals 65 and up free access to university classes that have open space.

Congratulations to Lexington on making another national impact!

New Ranking: #7 Quality of Life Metro

Business Facilities magazine, a highly respected economic development trade publication, deemed Lexington as the #7 metro for Quality of Life in its annual metro rankings.

You can see the rest of the ranked cities here.

Fantastic schools, a warm climate, a vibrant downtown, diverse restaurant options, and a world-famous countryside await you in Lexington, Kentucky.

New Ranking: Best for Education and Families

We had a ranking doubleheader this week as Parenting Magazine unveiled its Best Cities for Families 2010 rankings. Lexington was named #5 overall and Parenting had this to say:

Among the many reasons families love Lexington are its 5,821 acres of parks, pools, and playgrounds, the low crime rate, and a stable real estate market. This city, considered the world capital of racehorse breeding, had the top score in our Home Value Loss ranking. This means that of all the cities surveyed, fewer homes here (just 6.65 percent) sold at a loss than in any other city. Lexington also has fewer registered sex offenders than more than three quarters of the cities surveyed.

Along with its #5 overall ranking, Lexington was also ranked as the #2 Best City for Education. Parenting Magazine said:

With its an excellent pupil/teacher ratio (13.8:1) and high reading scores, Lexington, is a city with education as a top priority.

You can read more about their rankings HERE

New Ranking: Best Places To Live The Simple Life

Lexington was recently ranked as one of 10 Best Places To Live The Simple Life by AARP Magazine.

“…residents, who are just as likely to be beer-drinking college basketball fans as julep-swigging Derby lovers, say this is one of those rare southern towns that offers four distinct seasons, and the relaxed graciousness of the Old South. In the heart of bluegrass music country, Lexington also boasts rich African American roots, an impressive history